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X-ray analysis for the product our customer

A total of 18 per cent of the boards which we assembly for the new customer product ended up in repair procedures due to soldering defects on three BGAs. We made a project for debugging the assembly, reflow oven profile, stencil and soldering paste by X-ray analysis.

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We analysed twenty BGA boards. Twelve were good, six had shortcuts and two were inadequately soldered. Seven boards showed a large percentage of voids, i.e. a lower reliability of the soldered connections.

We created detailed documentation aimed at temperature variations of profiles and pastes for achieving the best BGA completion and soldering.

We produced two boards and left the diagnostics to the X-ray machine (with the help of automatic inspection) to decide a faulty connection.

Areas, which frequently detected shortcuts, were modified by our engineers and further production was performed with a new printing stencil.

Wendell took over an entire production

With series production, the X-ray showed a perfect result. The number of defects on fifty trial boards equalled zero.

Following this result, a customer decided to manufacture in our company; the number of necessary BGA repairs has been zero to date.

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