Effective EMS solutions

Test series for the LSM company

Prototype production of a sophisticated medical product for the Danish company LSM. Fifty prototypes were produced and the contemplated forty-eight items were operational without a functional or IC test. Wendell assisted with the technical completion of the prototype.

malé série
After material analysis, we purchased material from renowned international suppliers and subjected it to input inspection. We created our own production documentation including the visualisation of problem areas and appointed an adaptation team.

During SMT debugging poor solderability was solved by means of X-ray analysis and setting an atypical temperature profile in the oven. This led to testing special soldering pastes for optimal BGA soldering.

Factors, which decided Wendell’s selection

  • Yield ratio 98% (competitors 76%)
  • Technical assistance, adapting process, our own X-ray machine
  • Observance of delivery terms (competitors + six days)
  • Securing and testing of material

WENDELL - Small-scale production and prototypes

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Elaborated system of quality control and use of the most advanced technologies.
  • Quality and Environmental Policy. System of Quality Control
  • Seventeen particular and strictly followed points of quality management.
  • Accurate employee evaluation and motivation for constant quality improvement.